Publications and presentations

Please find a few that articles that Abigail has published and presentations that she has given over the past decade.

  • Going Green: Translating Environmental Texts, ATA Chronicle, ATA, June 2008.
  • Une spécialisation: l’environnement (translated by Hélène Ladjadj), Traduire no. 229, SFT, December 2013.
  • How to deal with your techno-trash, MICATA Monitor, MICATA, August 2006.

  • Let’s Talk Trash, ATA Conference, October 2012
  • Standing Out From the Crowd: Finding and Leveraging Your Translation Niche, MICATA Symposium, March 2014
  • Going Green: Opportunities, Challenges and Resources for Environmental Translators, MICATA Symposium, March 2008

The Greener Word

Abigail has preserved some of the posts from her now-defunct blog, The Greener Word, that might be interesting for fellow environmental translators. You can find them below.