Case studies

The project: Translating a series of documents laying out best available techniques for waste treatment in the EU

The challenge: Tricky terminology

The solution: Abigail conducted many hours of research on this job to make sure that the terminology was completely accurate. This painstaking work was extremely important because her English translation served as the foundation for translations into other EU languages. One conundrum was that some of the techniques detailed in the documents were not well-known outside of Germany. With her client’s permission, Abigail contacted companies developing these technologies to find out more detailed information. The result? A translation that was accessible to readers, yet technically accurate.

The project: Translating a website into English

The challenge: Extremely creative thinking

The solution: The client was very clear in his instructions: he wanted the English version of his company’s website to be a compelling tool to advertise its technology to international buyers while retaining all of the German content. The original website included slogans, puns and wordplay that were very creative in German, but would have left English speakers scratching their heads if translated literally. Abigail also had to check the client’s glossary of preferred technical terminology to make sure that it was accurate before translating a single word.

This project required a great deal of brainstorming. With the client’s permission, Abigail brought on board a trusted colleague who edited her translation and suggested a number of ways to get creative with the content. They worked together with the client to tell the company’s story in a way that showcased its technical credentials and addressed an international audience in an authentic way.

The project: Translating a legal document for a compliance scheme

The challenge: A short deadline

The solution: The e-mail arrived just before the end of the workday in Germany: a regular client was going to be negotiating with a business partner the next day, and had just realised that the latest updates to its terms and conditions hadn’t been translated into English. Luckily, the day was still dawning in Kansas City. Using translation memory software, Abigail determined that the updated version was not too different from the previous edition. She spent the day making the necessary changes and it was back in the relieved client’s inbox that evening.