Month: February 2017

Question of the month: Why translate your documents?

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Let’s start out 2017 by answering a really simple question: Why should you translate in the first place? A couple of reasons stand out when thinking about why it makes sense to invest in translation.

Firstly, offering information about your products and services in other languages opens up your business to new potential markets and increases your earnings potential. A Common Sense Advisory study found that 72.4% of customers would be more likely to buy a product with information in their own language. Another 56. 2% of those surveyed said that the ability to obtain information in their own language was more important than price. Translation helps you to increase your bottom line by winning over potential clients outside your national borders.

Secondly, having information available to clients, employees and shareholders to read in their own language also enhances the visibility and reputation of your company, organisation or event. A professional translator can also work with you on your global marketing strategy, pointing out any cultural pitfalls and ensuring consistent branding. Translation can give your company, organisation or event the recognition it deserves.

Next month we’ll continue in the series with one of the first questions that a translator should ask you: Who is the target audience for your translation?